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About MarkIt Health, LLC

MarkIt Health, LLC is an interdisciplinary marketing and brokerage company based in
Portsmouth NH. The company offers all aspects of branding, public relations, online advertising, eCommerce and national brokerage services.


We guide our clients through the difficult process of introducing cutting edge products specializing in brand creation, market strategy, website development and maximizing sales either to the consumer or health care professional.


We have several methods of developing relationships with our clients focusing on the health care industry, dietary supplements and diagnostic products that have a proven value to their end user. These relationships include partnering, private label, brokering and advertising.


If your company wishes to expand their sales of an existing product or launch a new product please contact us for an evaluation.


Real-time results. Better outcomes.



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* Study results with healthcare professionals showed that the accuracy of A1CNow+ with fingerstick samples was, on average, 99%. This means that, on average, a true 7.0% A1C could read approximately 6.9%A1C. An individual A1CNow+ result may differ by as much as -1.0% A1C to +0.8% A1C from the true result. This represents the 95% confidence limits of a Bland-Altman plot.